About Sustanon 250

The chemical composition of Sustanon 100

- 20 mg testosterone propionate
- 40 mg testosterone phenylpropionate
- 40 mg testosterone isocaproate

As mentioned above Sustanon 250 is a combination 4 esterified testosterone below is the table highlighting these four compounds.

The drug was discovered in the year 1970 by Organon. Although in the present time, Sustanon 250 is mostly used by, but earlier it was used for medicinal purpose. Its medical application included improving the testosterone level in children who don’t have the acceptable limits of this hormone in the body.

Testosterone propionate and phenylpropionate Testetsoer – They are small esters and have a shorter lifespan but faster action. It provides a good boost within 24 hours of injection.

Testosterone decanoate- It has a longer life and requires a longer duration for it to be released.

Testosterone isocaproate- As compared to other testosterone compounds, isocaproate has a moderate release level. It ensures that Sustanon 250 is able to provide a great anabolic duration.

Facts of Sustatone 250

- It is a composition of 4 different testosterone compounds
- It is a pure testosterone supplement
- It is an injectable steroid
- It is not available without a prescription
- It has any adverse side-effects(revealing later in the blog)
- Sustanon 250 can be used only by men and not women
- An overdose of this steroid can be fatal
- If you are prescribed to use this drug for a long run, then you need to have a regular blood test.

Summary of Sustaton 250

This bodybuilding steroid is known for its higher effectiveness. Composed of 4 different esterified testosterone compound, Sustanon has different half-life thus making it last longer and give a better result as compared to other drugs in the similar range. Owing to its longer sustainability in the body, this steroid reduces the need to have multiple injections making it a less painful experience.

If you are looking for excellent results in bodybuilding, then you must switch to Sustanon 250. You can buy this drug from authorized pharmaceutical firm, or they are also available online. However, an important point to note while making an online purchase of Sustanon 250 is that the website should be reputed and trustworthy or else there is a probability of you encountering fake drugs.

Quick Recap on Sustanon 250

1. It is composed of 4 esterified testosterone compounds.
2. Its functioning is similar to endogenous testosterone produced in the body.
3. It must always be stacked with another steroid to enhance its impact.
4. Make sure that you stick to the dosage and the prescribed cycle. Going over the board may lead to harmful side-effects which can turn out to be fatal.
5. Solely relying on Sustanon will not give you desired results, following regular exercise routine and healthy lifestyle is equally important.
6. Don’t rush to buy; there are many counterfeit products available in the market. So choose wisely.
7. Go for post cycle therapy to check if the Sustanon 250 has affected the normal testosterone cycle in the body.

All-in-all Sustanon is a good choice for bodybuilders, but at the same time, when do cost and effect analysis then it is found to be a costly investment. So if you are ready for it only then go ahead and start Sustanon 250 injections.

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    What is sustanon 250?

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      Paul Morris, INBF/WNBF member:

      Sustanon 250 is a testosterone boosting drug often prescribed to men with low levels of the hormone in their body. It not only increases sperm production, erection and sex drive, but also helps functioning of muscles, bones, skin, bone marrow, liver, kidney and CNS. It is often given to the patients in the form of intramuscular injection once in a period of 3 weeks.

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    How to take sustanon 250?

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      Paul Morris, INBF/WNBF member:

      Sustanon 250 should be given by a professional nurse or doctor only for safety. The injection is often given into a deep muscle, such as buttock, thigh or upper arm. However, the dosage usually depends on your individual condition. Ideally, it is a single injection of 1ml at a gap of every 3 weeks. If the effects of the medicine are too weak or too strong, you should notify your doctor who may decide to decrease or increase your dosage accordingly.

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